Paragram began in 2011 aiming to offer publishing opportunities for new writers.

Its first anthology was Toe in the Water, a mixture of poetry and short prose by the eight founding members of Paragram.

In 2012 Paragram took the enormous step of holding its first open and free submission.  A theme was chosen, which resulted in an anthology of the same name, Connections.

2013 saw the inauguration of the Paragram Poetry Prize. This focussed on poetry inspired by an Emily Dickenson phrase ‘a certain slant of light’ and the winning poems appeared in the anthology Slants of Light.

As well as featuring some amazing poetry, the judge, Adrienne Dines, generously allowed the inclusion of her notes and comments.

This slim volume offers a great insight into the judging process – a must have for any aspiring poetry competition winner.

Remember was both the theme and title for 2014, as Paragram returned to the popular and successful free global submission format for poetry and short prose.

Whilst Remember was inspired by the commemoration of the start of the First World War, the range and quality of the interpretation of submissions, reflected the growing Paragrammer profile. The community had developed from the original eight UK based founding members to many hundreds of writers across the globe.

Paragram continues to offer writers a wide range of publication ventures. Returning the focus to poetry in 2015, the all new Chapbook Challenge offered an amazing opportunity for one talented poet to realise an ambition to publish their short collection. This was won by Peter Taylor with his excellent chapbook Perspectives from an Open Heart. Other talented poets who submitted manuscripts feature in the Paragram anthology Spotlights.

At Paragram we constantly look for inspiring ventures to encourage new and emerging writers from across the globe. One of the most exciting developments for 2015 is the birth of Paragram Press and the different opportunities this will present as a UK based small independent press dedicated to new poetry and short prose writing.